WEBSITE UPDATES: Or lack of. I really must apologise... since September 2009 it has been very difficult for me to update these pages for a variety of reasons. Normal service will be resumed at some point but in the meantime I must mention the new Gang Of Four album 'Content' which is out now and received great reviews. More details will be added when I can. Thanks for bearing with me.

GIG NEWS: Gang Of Four are back, with the original lineup playing their first shows together for more than 20 years. Links to reviews and photographs from recent gigs, and details of further planned dates, can be found here. Alternatively you can visit the official website or the US equivalent

LIVE CD: An official limited edition live CD was produced of the London (Barbican) gig on 24th September. A few copies may still be available; check out for more information.

ALBUM NEWS: 'Return The Gift' consists of two CDs. CD1 is a series of re-recorded Gang Of Four classics, and CD2 is a series of remixes. This is out NOW. I believe the Japanese edition includes a couple of bonus tracks on the remixes CD. You can read more about the album here.


These pages contain information about the band Gang Of Four. There is a detailed discography of Gang Of Four, plus links to a number of related artists. There is also a list of V/A compilations which include one or more Gang Of Four track(s), although brief details are included in the main discography. There is also a selection of pictures, and there are some lyric pages too (with more to follow).

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