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Dave Allen, the original bass player in Gang Of Four, left in 1981 to form Shriekback. playing on their first five albums, as well as a one-off single by Noise Abroad. He then formed King Swamp who released two albums (in 1989 and 1990). Following relocation to America and the founding of his own record label, World Domination, he instigated the reforming of Shriekback, before leaving again after one album. He then formed Low Pop Suicide with Rick Boston in 1992, before again leaving after one album, although they also recorded together under the name The Crash Baptists for the soundtrack to the film 'The Harvest' (1993, but not widely released until 1996). Since then, Dave has recorded as The Elastic Purejoy, essentially a solo project (releasing albums in 1994 and 1996). Dave has since left World Domination and is now involved in Emusic (more details and link to follow).

Hugo Burnham, drummer on the first three Gang Of Four albums, left to join a band called Illustrated Man. They made little or no impact, and split up after a few singles. Hugo takes up the story:

"After G4, I played around for a couple of years with everybody from ABC to Samantha Fox and Nona Hendryx... but just wasn't enjoying being a 'gun for hire'. I started managing Shriekback in July '85. I formed a partnership with my brother Jolyon (our original roadie, who had gone on to bigger and better tours and then management) as Huge & Jolly Management. We became responsible in one way or another, for Julian Cope, Thrashing Doves, Men Without Hats and Neil (Blancmange) Arthur. I moved to New York in June '88, as so much of my work was US-based anyway and I was sort of sick of London. Within 6 months (Shriekback had essentially broken up by this point) I was asked by Island Records in NY to do A&R and Artist Development for them. Spent 2 years there. Then went to Terry (Chrysalis Records) Ellis' new label Imago doing A&R - six months in NYC then to LA at the end of 1991 for another year to run the West Coast office for them. After that, went to Warner Bros./Qwest (Quincy Jones' label) t do A&R... 3 years; then I went to EMI Music Publishing (still in LA) for two years, before returning to management. Huge & Jolly has resurfaced in the US (brother Jolyon has been bashing away in London all this time) after 9 years! I moved back to the East Coast (just north of Boston) in December of last year.
That's me (professionally) in a nutshell!"

- Hugo Burnham, March 1999.

Andy Gill, Gang Of Four's guitarist (and occasional vocalist), released a solo single in 1987 following the demise of the original Gang Of Four in 1984, and before re-forming Gang Of Four in 1990. More recently he has worked with the late Michael Hutchence, co-writing and producing his solo album (released 1999). Andy has also worked on a number of film soundtracks, as well as producing several other artists' albums.
For more information on Andy Gill please see his own website,

Jon King, Gang Of Four's vocalist (and melodica player), formed a band called Mechanical Preacher. Steve Goulding, live drummer for Gang Of Four just before the 1984 split, also played drums for this band. Cathy Harrington played keyboards. They apparently recorded some material but none was ever released.

Since writing this page I've had two reports (possibly from the same people!) that Mechanical Preacher definitely supported Siouxsie & the Banshees in America in the mid-80s, and one report that they didn't! From these various reports, the best I can come up with is this: Gang of Four's farewell concert in New York was in May 1984, and the Banshees tour was in July, without Mechanical Preacher. The Banshees next USA gigs were in 1986, and at this point Mechanical Preacher DID support them on many dates, mainly in the Midwest / West Coast. They definitely played in Chicago, and they definitely didn't play in New York. But when they did play, they did so to rave reviews.
Thanks to those who have contacted me with this information, and sorry for taking so long to update the site. I have one further lead to follow which may lead to some more definitive information - stay tuned.

Jon later formed King Butcher which released one single in 1988. Also involved was Phil Butcher, who later played bass on some tracks on Gang Of Four's Shrinkwrapped.

Jon was involved in the early to mid '90s Gang Of Four revival, but has since left the music business altogether.

Sara Lee was previously a member of Robert Fripp's League Of Gentlemen, who released one album in 1981 but were mainly noted for their live shows (an official bootleg album was released in 1996). When Dave Allen left Gang Of Four to form Shriekback with Barry Andrews, also previously in the League Of Gentlemen, Sara Lee became Gang Of Four's bass player until the 1984 split. Since then she has worked with a number of artists including the B-52s, the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco.

Sara has recently completed her debut solo album, Make It Beautiful, also featuring Andy Gill on electric guitar. For more information (and a more complete list of other artists worked with) please visit her own website, A review of the album and some further information can be found here.

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