King Butcher Discography

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Lineup: Martin Bird (guitar), Phil Butcher (bass), Jon King (vocals), Steve Monti (drums), Paul Stern (keyboards).

UK Release.

Martin Bird contacted me in July 2003 (sorry it took me a while to post this...!) and recalled his time in King Butcher thus: "I provided loud guitar and had a lot of fun". For more information about his more recent work check out Tigermoth and Birdsongs.

I've been told that at some time in the late 80s a number of King Butcher songs may have been used in the soundtrack of a European (perhaps Italian) horror movie.

Martin Bird adds: "I do remember a horror film, though I never found out the title. I can tell you that I played a guitar over a scene which involved a blind girl innocently inviting a disfigured, ice hockey mask wearing, axe (or knife) wielding killer to her flat, as to what happened to the girl I never found out, as I never saw the rest of the film, and like yourself would love to know".

Surely someone must recognise it from this description? Over to you...

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