These discography pages aim to include a full list of all record and CD releses by Gang Of Four (plus the offshoots by Andy Gill and King Butcher), and to give pointers to other related artists. Cassettes are not currently included, unless of significant interest (e.g. different tracks).

V/A compilations are included, although only the track(s) directly relevant to Gang Of Four is listed in the main discography. A fuller track list for each of these releases is given on the V/A Compilations Listing.

Corrections, additions and suggestions are welcomed, please email me.


Anything marked with ? has been unreliably reported to exist, and should be assumed not to exist until confirmed otherwise.

Historical notes are included within the main text. In particular, information about Radio One sessions was taken from the book "In Session Tonight", (C) 1993 by Ken Garner, ISBN 0 563 36452 1.

Track times in () are the official times given on the record/CD/sleeve. Times in [] are timed directly from the record or taken from a CD player, where official times are not given. Slight discrepancies are due to the official times being slightly wrong, or the CD tracks including a few seconds of silence.

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I am indebted to everyone who has contributed to this discography. There are too many to name them all individually but special thanks are due to Dave Allen for information and encouragement provided, Hugo Burnham for more information and endless enthusiasm, and to Andy Gill for his good grace and humour in handling a very long list of questions.

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