...It's not made by great men.

This site started off around 1995 as part of my Shriekback web site, but for almost as long as those pages had existed, I'd been intending to separate the Gang Of Four section - partly because it was cluttering up the Shriekback site, and partly because Gang Of Four must be one of the greatest bands without a proper web site. So here it is...

The site was launched (as quietly as possible!) in July 1998, but by November 1998 had received the official seal of approval with a reference in the booklet of the '100 Flowers Bloom' compilation CD... certainly a proud moment.

Why 'Not Great Men'? Well, why not? It's a song off the first album, and seems rather appropriate. Gang Of Four only ever had one minor Top 40 hit, yet they made their mark in music history; the CD album reissues have no shortage of quotes from bands like R.E.M., U2 and INXS, acknowledging their influence. And as the song title says (at least on the 1984 live LP At The Palace), history's not made by great men. But if anyone has any better ideas...

I'm always on the lookout for additions / corrections to the discography, as well as anything else which may be of interest. My email address is address is here. Thanks for visiting!

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